Today, 18 June 2018, CEER publishes its report on ‘Tendering procedures for RES in Europe: State of play and first lessons learnt’.

The CEER report presents an analysis of national experiences with tenders for renewable support schemes in Europe and concludes with some practical recommendations.

The CEER report shows the transition in Europe from administratively-set support prices for RES towards competitive tendering procedures. This trend is welcomed by CEER as supports set through such procedures tend to be of lower cost, thus benefiting European energy consumers.

The report findings include the following:

  • 18 out of 29 countries researched had either introduced tendering schemes for RES or were about to do so;
  • 8 countries have technology-specific tenders only, while 2 countries have exclusively applied technology-neutral tenders. An increasing number of Member States are about to have experience with both types of tendering schemes.
  • Most Member States use Feed-in-Premiums (FIP) rather than Feed-In-Tariffs. This is in line with CEER’s preference, as FIP tends to bring RES closer to real market conditions.
  • A general decrease in RES support prices is identified from tender round to round.

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