E06-PC-17: Towards Voltage Quality Regulation in Europe

ERGEG Public Consultation 2006/12/21 - 2007/02/22


On 21st December 2006, ERGEG launched a public consultation on the paper Towards Voltage Quality Regulation In Europe, An ERGEG Public Consultation Paper.

The paper sets out ERGEG’s views on the issue of voltage quality and is interested in receiving inputs from stakeholders. The paper raises a number of questions such as whether recommendations for revising voltage quality standard EN 50160 are adequate,upon which comments by stakeholders are requested.

Following the end of the public consultation period, ERGEG will publish all comments received from stakeholders. If a respondent would like ERGEG to treat their submission confidentially this must be explicitly mentioned.

Comments should be received by 22nd February 2007 and should be sent by email to:

Any question to this document should in the first instance be directed to: 

             Mrs Fay Geitona
             Email: fay.geitona@ceer-eu.org
             Tel. +32 2 788 73 30
             Fax +32 2 788 73 50