Roundtable of Energy Regulators
Rome, 24 May 2009

At the invitation of the Italian Presidency of the G8 summit of energy ministers in Rome, 24-25 May, the energy regulators held a “G8+” regulatory roundtable.

The roundtable concluded with 8 firm commitments (see the "G8+" Energy Regulators Statement) by the regulators to:

  1. respond to climate change and integrating new and best available technologies;
  2. mitigate energy poverty, supporting vulnerable energy consumers and empowering energy consumers, in line with market mechanisms;
  3. bridge the cross-border regulatory gap by developing tools for regulatory consistency
    at regional level;
  4. facilitate convergence of interconnected regional markets;
  5. improve energy market monitoring and transparency;
  6. share best regulatory practices
  7. achieve professional excellence through training and education
  8. cooperate with regulators from developing countries including cooperation aimed at improving capacity building.

The World Forum on Energy Regulation was identified as an ideal opportunity to increase regulatory cooperation on these issues. The "G8+" regulators concretely committed to preparing a report, following the World Forum (WFER IV) in mid October, on the promotion of energy efficiency and perhaps other issues that will be presented next year to the G8 Energy Ministers.

G8+ Energy Regulators' Statement