Agenda of CEER-ICER workshop on Renewable Energy Strategy


Workshop details


The workshop, co-organised by ICER and the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), will be an ideal opportunity to showcase different international case studies on renewable energy and to address the European Commission’s renewables strategy.

 Key aspects and perspectives to be presented during the workshop:

• International case studies from the 2012 ICER Report on renewable energy and distributed generation
• Role of renewables in the European Commission’s 2030 strategy
• Ensuring effective grid and market integration of renewable energy

The workshop will take place at the First Euroflat Hotel, 50 Boulevard Charlemagne, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium, on Wednesday 20 June 2012 from 9h00 to 12h00 (Registration starts at 08h30). There is no fee for participation, but delegates will need to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. To register for the event, log on to the Sustainable Energy Week website. Please bear in mind that while filling in your date of birth to the registration form provided at the EUSEW website you should use DD/MM/YYYY format. It is important to put a slash sign (/), otherwise you will get an error message.

For further information about participation, please contact the ICER Secretariat at:

The International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) has produced a report on Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation, which will be launched at a workshop (20th June) in Brussels, during the EU’s 2012 Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW).

The ICER report “Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation: International Case Studies on Technical and Economic Considerations” covers six broad themes:

• connecting renewable energy to the grid;
• the impact of renewables on the wholesale market and system operator arrangements;
• the impact of renewables on conventional generation (for example due to intermittency);
• the legal, financial and socio-economic implications of international renewable energy projects;
• the challenges related to the promotion of distributed generation; and
• the specific challenges faced by some developing countries despite the high potential for renewable generation from sources such as solar, wind and biomass.

The report examines the integration of renewable and distributed generation into the overall energy supply and their impact on the grid and competition in different parts of the world.



Brochure on ICER Report on Renewables and Distributed Generation
No time to read the comprehensive international report on Renewables and DG? Then read this short ICER factsheet of the Renewables report.


Presentation of Mr José Miguel Unsión
Presentation of Mr. José Miguel Unsión, Association of Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas (MEDREG)
Renewable projects on a regional/international level

Presentation of Professor Michael Grubb
Presentation of Professor Michael Grubb, University of Cambridge & Senior Advisor, Ofgem
Renewables Strategy in energy and climate policy: a perspective of UK Energy Market Reform

Presentation of Ms Michaela Kollau
Presentation of Ms Michaela Kollau, E-Control/CEER
The impact of wholesale market and system operation arrangements on Renewable Energy Support – case studies from Europe, Australia and New England (USA)

Presentation of Dr. Jiang Bo
Presentation of Dr. Jiang Bo, Europe-China Clean Energy Centre.
Chinese case study on renewable energy and distributed generation