February 2012

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  Issue: February 2012

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Last month we reported on the success of the CEER 2012 Conference (25th January) on Energy Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency. Thanks to technology this (annual) event need not be a one-day wonder (which some of you inevitably missed).CEER Conference 2012 Video

 For this edition we’ve compiled a short video clip of the conference so you can digest (in less than 10 minutes) some of the highlights such as EU Energy Commissioner Oettinger, Lord Mogg and Claude Turmes' "heated" debate with industry representatives on energy efficiency issues. As you can tell, we’re excited about video and we’ll be experimenting with it more and more.


Lord Mogg' Interview We thought you may also be interested in the series of viEUws video interviews (shot in the margins of the CEER conference) with Lord Mogg, MEP Correia de Campos (Rapporteur of the Energy Infrastructure proposals) and Paul Hodson, head of Energy Efficiency unit at the European Commission's DG ENERGY.
Lord Mogg interviewed by Vieuws 

In our international section, you will find photos, agenda and the conclusions of the (closed) ICER-IGU workshop on gas issues.  Our feature article gives you some insight into how we are starting the process of building a 2020 customer vision of EU energy markets. As for next events, register now for the stakeholder meeting on Monday 19th March on CEER’s public consultation policies and practices. Please send your comments (by 1 March) to (una.shortall@ceer.eu) or answer our opinion poll.

On 14th March, ACER will host its first ever annual conference in Ljubljana Castle.  The focus of the 2012 conference is “Making the Internal Energy Market a reality - which role for ACER?”. Meanwhile in Brussels (also on 14th March), there will be a hearing with respondents to the CEER consultaton on price comparison tools. Hurry to benefit for early bird registeration ('til Feb 29th) for World Forum V in Canada this coming May.

Feature - Building a 2020 customer vision of the Internal Energy Market

CEER is committed to placing customers at the very centre of energy policy and to improving our outreach and communication with customers (see the Feature of the January newsletter on how our 2012 work programme embeds customer issues throughout our work). 

The process of building a Customer Vision - stakeholder engagement
CEER is currently preparing to build, in dialogue with stakeholders, a 2020 customer vision of Europe’s energy market. A CEER strategy paper is a first step towards the 2020 customer vision. Feedback on our initial thinking and stakeholder input to the vision will be gathered from customer bodies and other interested parties including at a dedicated customer event in June.

Making markets work for customers
We aim to better understand and work for customer needs. Retail markets should provide a choice of commercial offers at fair and transparent prices, a satisfactory quality of the supply of energy, customer protection and they should also enable innovative services.

This month, CEER has published its Guidelines of Good Practice on Electricity and Gas Retail market design. These voluntary GGP address the roles and responsibilities of market actors, including guidance on the DSOs’ role as a neutral market facilitator. CEER recommends that the general market model should be supplier-centric, with the supplier being the main - but not only - contact to the customer.

Public Consultations

Visit our website to be updated on our future consultations.


Visit our website to be updated on our future events.


CEER Annual Report 2011
Energy Infrastructure Package: regulatory issues, Ref. C12-CSI-02-03, 24 January 2012
GGP on electricity and gas retail market design, with a focus on supplier switching and billing, Ref. C11-RMF-39-03,24 January 2012


Register for the Fifth World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFERV), 13-16 May 2012.

ICER-IGU WS Members of the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) and the International Gas Union (IGU) organised a second joint workshop on gas issues on 16 February 2012 in Brussels. This workshop was a further step in the creation of a deeper dialogue between energy regulators and the natural gas sector.
See more photos, the agenda and conclusions of teh ICER-IGU workshop.


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