February 2017

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  Issue: February 2017

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The 2017 ACER-CEER Energy Market Design (EMD) conference was THE place to be to discuss the European Commission’s Clean Energy proposals. High level speakers included Commissioners Sefcovic and Cañete, and MEPs Turmes and Buzek. Watch the highlights in our 2 short videos (one on consumers, the other on making markets work). Well worth a read is the ACER-CEER Overview Paper which sets out our initial reactions to Commission’s proposals (see below).

CEER also published guidelines on distribution tariffs, and a report on investment conditions.

CEER-FSR training course (6-8 March) on the Fundamentals of Energy Regulation.

ACER-CEER reactions to the European Commission's Clean Energy Proposals

Europe’s energy regulators' initial reactions to the European Commission’s Clean Energy proposals are presented in a short ACER-CEER Overview Paper. In it, we broadly welcome the Commission’s proposals, and in particular that consumers have been placed at the heart of the proposals.  The Commission and regulators share the goal of creating liberalised, integrated, sustainable and secure energy markets that benefit all energy consumers. 

Future-Proofed Energy Market Design
Regulators see the need for a future-proofed EMD at both wholesale and retail levels. Improvements in the EMD should build upon the existing (3rd Package) framework. Furthermore, we see the need for greater regulatory involvement and oversight to reinforce trust in the market.

Key issues for regulators
For effective regulation, the ACER-CEER Overview Paper, addresses 7 key issues:
•    Flexible regulations for a fast evolving market
•    Balancing innovation and regulation
•    Making markets work
•    Securing our supplies
•    Smarter system operation
•    Regional markets
•    Clear and effective framework for regulatory oversight

Regulation must be flexible for evolving market, promoting competition and innovation
We support the Commission’s efforts in the Clean Energy proposals to restore price signals to markets through scarcity pricing and integrate RES into the market, and to maximise cross-border capacity.

Greater role for EU bodies and regionalisation require adequate regulatory oversight
We welcome the Commission’s proposal to strengthen the regional dimension in a number of key areas, including network operation and resource adequacy. But there must be adequate regulatory oversight including at regional level. NRAs and ACER are ready to assist this process, through ACER’s effective oversight of EU-wide bodies – such as the ENTSOs, the new EU DSO body and the Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) – and the monitoring of regional implementation   

Next Steps
Regulators shall issue a series of short regulatory white papers papers relevant to the Clean Energy proposals in the coming months.


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- European Energy Regulators’ Overview Paper
- CEER Report on Investment Conditions in European Countries  
- CEER Guidelines on electricity distribution tariffs 

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