January 2017

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  Issue: January 2017

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Happy New Year!

Our first publication of the year is our 2017 work programme (see the feature article below).

The new edition of the ICER Chronicle is out. Don’t miss the 15 April deadline for submitting your articles or Women in Energy stories for the 7th edition (see the International section).

Our first event is the ACER-CEER conference “Towards a future-proofed EU Energy Market Design” (23-24 Jan). Although fully booked out the debate (with speakers such as European Commission Vice President Sefcovic and Commissioner Canete) can be followed live on web-streaming and on twitter ((#ACER-CEERConf2017).

Check out the calendar of CEER’s 2017 training courses.

CEER’s 2017 Work Programme Priorities

We start the new year with the publication of CEER’s 2017 work programme. This annual programme is the result of significant reflection, including public consultation, so as to prioritise our resources on tasks that deliver the greater benefits to consumers.

What’s in the CEER 2017 work programme?
The CEER 2017 Work Programme sets out our overall priorities and individual deliverables, making clear how stakeholders can contribute to them.

2017 Priorities
As the European association of energy national regulatory authorities (NRAs), CEER serves NRAs in fulfilling their duties. We offer a range of services (including professional training course) to our members/observers. In addition to serving our members we commit to 18 deliverables across main 4 areas:
•    Consumers and retail markets;
•    New legislative/policy developments;
•    The role of Distribution System Operators; and
•    International work beyond the borders of the EU

Consumers and retail markets

CEER has consumer interests at the heart of its work on regulatory policy and this is a core feature of its work in support of the European institutions. CEER will focus on the priorities relating to consumers set out in the Bridge to 2025 conclusions documents, that help consumers engage more effectively in energy markets. As usual, we will monitor energy markets and co-operate with ACER on the production of the annual Market Monitoring Report. We will also develop a handbook of harmonised definitions of retail market metrics which should facilitate NRAs’ assessment of their national, and possibly regional, markets. 

New legislative/policy developments
A core focus of our 2017 work is related to the European Commission’s Clean Energy for All European legislative proposals (published 30/11/2016). CEER remains committed to working with and advising the European Institutions on regulatory aspects which are important to the effective development of energy markets to the benefit of consumers at both national and EU level:

The role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs)
The underlying purpose of this work is to create a regulatory toolbox which could be used to define the DSOs’ role as facilitators of the market in areas which are not within the core of regulated monopoly DSO activities. We will examine areas such as network tariff setting, incentive schemes, and flexibility use at electricity distribution level. This work will complement the proposals in the European Commission’s Clean Energy proposals.

International relations

CEER’s international activities continue to be a priority in 2017. Our international activities are focused on where CEER can add value beyond that which can be achieved through the efforts of individual NRAs. A first in 2017 will be a joint CEER-NARUC international conference in Washington DC.

Interested parties are invited to contribute to CEER's work through our many events and public consultations (see our online rolling calendars of events and consultations).


The 6th ICER Chronicle has interesting articles on innovation, incentives, smart meters, network losses and Women in Energy stories.

Public Consultations and Events

Visit our website to be updated on our future consultations and events.

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