May 2012

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  Issue: May 2012

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May was Forum month!

The city of Florence played host once again to the bi-annual European Electricity Regulatory Forum, 22-23 May 2012.  This, the 22nd “Florence Forum”, focused on a range of issues including the integration of renewables, smart grids, the single EU electricity market by 2014, the Regional Initiatives, the market integrity framework and transparency.  See CEER presentations at Florence Forum

This month, we feature how the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) meets global energy challenges through a virtual network of energy regulators.  ICER presented 4 new international reports at the World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFERV) in Quebec City, Canada. One of these, the ICER Renewables and DG Report, will be showcased during Sustainable Energy Week at the CEER-ICER workshop on Renewables. Register for this event via


5th CEER Benchmarking Report 2012 CEER’s Customer Conference (21 June) promises to be an event with a difference.  The target audience is consumers and national consumer bodies, whom we hope will help shape our 2020 Vision for Europe’s Energy Customers.  The interactive nature of the event (in 6 languages) will allow participants to engage fully in the discussion, to share best practices and novel solutions to the challenges we face. Register now for customer event!  

For a flavour of what to expect at CEER's interactive customer conference, watch the 5 min. video and read the CEER discussion paper “2020 vision for Europe’s energy customers” (also available in different languages).

Feature -  ICER – meeting global energy challenges through a virtual network of energy regulators

The International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) was founded in October 2009 in Athens with the objective of improving the profile and public awareness of the work of national energy regulators in monitoring electricity and gas networks and safeguarding consumer interests.

The value of ICER
ICER comprises 12 regional associations of energy regulators, representing more than 200 national energy regulators worldwide. As a practical, virtual network of energy regulators, ICER provides a platform for energy regulators to focus their efforts on critical issues of global significance.

Major international bodies such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and International Gas Union (IGU) are forging links with ICER. 

The World Forum on Energy Regulation, 13-16 May, in Quebec City, (WFERV) was a rare occasion for national energy regulators who, for the past 3 years, have worked together (through e-mail and phone conferencing) on ICER deliverables to finally meet in person.

What has ICER’s achieved?
In 3 years, under the chairmanship of Lord Mogg, ICER has developed a significant body of work including reports, distinguished scholar awards and events. At WFERV, ICER launched 4 new international reports on:
• Guaranteeing Reliability and Security of Supply;
• Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation,
• Smart Meters,
• Competitiveness and Affordability issues.

3 of these reports have an easy-to-read factsheet. All publications are freely available on the ICER website ( The ICER 2012 Distinguished Scholar Award, Best Practices category went to an Italian paper on innovation-driven regulatory developments in Italy; smart grids, smart meters and e-mobility.

What's next for ICER?
At WFERV, ICER launched four themes which will guide its work over the next 3 years until the next World Forum in Istanbul in 2015.  The themes are:
•Technological change and renewables;
•Opening of markets;
•Regulatory best practice;

Going foward, ICER's work will place an even greater focus on the challenges of energy regulatory issues in emerging and developing economies.

For more on how energy regulators global cooperation, ICER's 2012 Distinguished Scholar Award or on ICER's 2012-2015 Work Plan, see ICER recent Press Releases.

Public Consultations

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2020 vision for Europe’s energy customers-A CEER discussion paper (C12-SC-02-04), 24 April 2012


World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFERV), 13-16 May 2012

WFERV attractedd more than 700 delegates.  The International Confederation of Energy Regulators showcased their work on each of four themes of the conference:
Regulatory best practices
Consumer issues
Opening of markets
Technological change and renewables


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