CEER Public Hearing on Quality of Distribution Services 
28 April 2014, CEER - Cours Saint Michel 30a, 1040 Brussels


On 28th April 2014, CEER hosted a Public Hearing on Regulating the Quality of Distribution Services. The event took place at the CEER premises, in Brussels (Cours Saint Michel 30a, 1040 Brussels).

In December 2013, CEER submitted its Draft advice on the quality of distribution services to public consultation. In this draft advice, we identified 22 core features of distribution services which are highly important actions and may represent the first customer interaction with the energy market. If these processes are well designed and function effectively, they can encourage positive customer engagement and result in higher customer trust and greater customer engagement in the market. For this reason, CEER treated these 22 core features as issues for recommendation and asked questions on each of them related to the sector/s they apply to, be it electricity, micro generation and/or gas. This draft Advice was a first step towards a harmonised view on which distribution services within connection, disconnection and maintenance would benefit from being defined as well as monitored by NRAs.

During this Public Hearing, CEER presented the initial findings of the public consultation and sought European stakeholders’ views on the issue.

Agenda of the Public Hearing

Draft Advice on Regulating the Quality of Distribution Services

Public consultation document

Presentations from the Public Hearing