What is Energy?

Energy powers everything around us. In the EU, each of us uses a great deal of energy every day. Our electricity is often measured in kilowatt-hours. It is equal to one kilowatt of power sustained for one hour. For instance, playing video games for 2 hours a day uses roughly 182 kilowatt-hours over a whole year.


What is Energy Efficiency?

Efficiency means getting more for less. If we are efficient with energy, we can enjoy the same levels of comfort or more, while using less! The EU energy labels offers an easy to use and understand colour-coded system that helps you to identify the energy efficiency of many devices and household appliances.


What are the EU's energy sources?

Over half of the European Union’s energy is imported – mostly as fossil fuels like oil and natural gas, which provide the majority of our energy. Nuclear energy accounts for another 13 % and renewables provide over 15 %. In fact, renewable energy has become more popular in recent years. And the EU wants this to continue!

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