Press Release 19-07

CEER welcomes the Council of Ministers of the EU’s adoption of the remaining files of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package

The adopted provisions will enable a big step forward of the Energy Union and European Regulators now look forward to implementation. Finalised files include:

•    The Electricity Directive
•    The Electricity Regulation
•    The ACER Regulation
•    The Regulation on Risk Preparedness in the Electricity Sector

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER1), the voice of Europe’s energy regulators, welcomes the decision of the Council to finalise the Clean Energy legislative package.

CEER President, Annegret Groebel, said:
“With the completion of the Clean Energy Package, Europe has taken a major step forward towards completing the Energy Union and the creation of a well-balanced electricity market design fit for the energy transition to decarbonisation, while protecting consumer rights. Governance has also been enhanced via a stronger role for the Board of Regulators at ACER. Regulators have begun the work of implementation and confirm their commitment to making the Clean Energy measures work in the best interests of European energy consumers.”

CEER’s ‘3D’ Strategy2 includes Digitalisation and Decarbonisation at least cost, and the now-complete Clean Energy Package sets forth an electricity market design that can take advantage of an evermore digitalised world and puts Europe on a firmer path toward decarbonisation. The package also gives reinforcement of regulators’ independence in terms of tasks, duties and budgets/financial resources, helping them to carry out the third ‘D’ as dynamic regulators.

Europe’s energy regulators now move to the task of ensuring that the benefits of the Clean Energy Package are delivered to consumers through the hard work of implementation. Regulators are committed to seeing that consumers experience faster supplier switching without unwarranted fees; clearer bills; and that they are empowered as prosumers and through Citizen Energy Communities.

Regulators will also, oftentimes in conjunction with ACER3, work to implement market design, including explicit and rules-based cross-border participation in capacity mechanisms and clarified roles for DSOs as neutral market facilitators. CEER is already engaged with the European institutions and experts within and external to regulatory authorities to carry out a successful implementation.

CEER Vice President, Wolfgang Urbantschitsch, said:
“CEER and its Member regulatory authorities stand ready to work with the European Commission and Member States to do the hard technical and legal work to deliver the benefits of a better and more future-oriented energy system for all Europeans.”

Brussels, 22 May 2019

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