Annual Regional Visibility Campaign

To raise awareness on its programme, EU4Energy has chosen the education of youth as the focus of its visibility campaigns and communication activities. EU4Energy campaigns concentrate on transferring knowledge and experience built by the programme’s experts to younger generations through various activities, channels and materials.

Since 2021, the campaigns have mostly reached out to students – from school to university – through age-relevant comic books on energy efficiency and energy saving and the organisation of an annual educational event, the Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for EaP Universities.

Most of these communication activities are meant to continue until the end of the programme in 2024.

Renewable Energy Investment Conference

The Renewable Energy Investment Conference will be held from 26-28 October 2022 in Tbilisi, Georgia and will bring together policymakers, regulators, consultants, financers and other experts active in green energy investments. 

The aim of the event is to catalyse investments for the acceleration of the clean energy transition to help achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Participants will be able to discuss renewable energy policies in the European Union and worldwide, gain knowledge about the renewable energy investment climate in different countries, and present potential renewable energy investment projects to investors.

The Conference is co-organised by CEER, on behalf of the EU4Energy Programme, the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) and the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) in partnership with Energy Community and the International Energy Agency (IEA). It will feature high-level speakers, as well as representatives from the European Commission, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. There will be simultaneous English-Russian interpretation.

Read more about the event and register

EU4Energy campaign on energy efficiency for children 

When they discover an old cabin in the woods, Ozzy the Hamster and his four friends meet Professor Slate, a scientist who demonstrates to them the negative impact of wasteful energy practices and teaches them alternative methods of generating energy. Back in their hometown, the children and their pet decide to spread good energy saving practices in order to avoid inflicting terrible damage to the environment and heal the earth.

This is the plot of "Light Bulb", an informative comic book on energy efficiency and energy saving measures that is being launched in the framework of the EU4Energy project in collaboration with EUNeighbours East. The book aims to raise the younger generations’ awareness and understanding about the clean energy transition and includes practical tips to help children save energy. 

The comic book has been produced in six languages and is being distributed at local schools across the Eastern Partnership countries as extracurricular reading material for school children. Schools will also receive a printable version for further use.

To complement the comic book, EUNeighbours East is launching a social media campaign featuring Ozzy the Hamster, including videos, quizzes and stories. 

Download your high-resolution copy of the "Light Bulb" comic book:

Energy efficiency campaign photos

EU4Energy campaign - Photos: ©European Union   EU4Energy campaign - Photos: ©European Union          EU4Energy campaign - Photos: ©European Union     EU4Energy campaign - Photos: ©European UnionEU4Energy campaign - Photos: ©European UnionEU4Energy campaign - Photos: ©European UnionEU4Energy campaign - Photos: ©European Union

Campaigners distribute "Light Bulb" to students in a school in Tbilisi, Georgia, May 2022. Photos ©European Union

Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for EaP Universities

EU4Energy Programme hosted the Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for Eastern Partnership (EaP) Universities from 25-29 October, 2021 as a platform for knowledge and experience sharing among EU4Energy experts and students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for EaP Universities encompassed a series of five sessions and focused on fundamentals of the EU’s energy policy and regulation. The sessions covered the EU’s electricity market model, ways of integrating renewable energy sources into power systems, the role of gas in the energy transition, and tariff setting models and methodologies.

The Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for EaP Universities included a competition among participating students on the topics covered. The best student with the highest overall exam score - Mr. Guga Kupradze from Ilia State University will have the opportunity to travel to Brussels and attend a CEER training course for energy professionals, while the second-place winner Ms. Valeria Korcheva from National University “Odessa Law Academy” was featured in our Blog: Women in Energy