CEER Conclusions Paper on Flexibility Use at Distribution Level

In its Conclusions Paper on Flexibility Use at Distribution Level, published yesterday, the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) advocates that the role of the Distribution System Operator (DSO) should be as a user of flexibility that benefits the grids, i.e. the DSO purchases flexibility from third parties, but does not provide it. A level playing field for flexibility is vital. DSOs must act as neutral market facilitators performing regulated core activities and not activities that can efficiently be left to a competitive market.

Flexibility is of increasing interest and importance across the entire energy value chain. In this flexibility paper, CEER has developed high-level guideline principles for National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), with the ultimate goals of enabling flexibility use at distribution level and delivering benefits to consumers. This paper builds on feedback to a public consultation document published in March 2017 and discussion at a workshop held in March 2018.

This report is a part of CEER’s strategy to develop dynamic regulatory practices that adapt to market evolutions such as the increasing use of flexibility. For more on CEER’s forward looking 3-year strategy, see the Public Consultation on CEER’s proposed 3D strategy (deadline is 10 August)



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