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Conference Program 'Russian Experience and the EU 3rd Energy Package'

Role of the Public Council of FTS Russia in Developing the Regulator's Communication with Unskilled Users

EU and Russian Energy Regulatory Systems: Experience, Lessons, Evolution and Cooperation

Implementation of the Third Energy Package

Development of European Energy Markets in the Context of Long Term Technology and Energy Forecasts

The Third EU Energy Package: from an Environmentocidal to a Green Economy

Regulators’ Role in Promoting Investments in Energy Infrastructure, Cross-Border Operations and Integration of the Community Energy Markets

Energy Foresight (Vision of the Future of Energy)

Role of European Regulators in Meeting Challenges of Future Energy Markets

Institutional Aspects of Legislation under the 3rd Energy Package

Emergence of the European Energy Regulator

The External Dimension of the EU Third Energy Package

The Draft Convention on Ensuring International Energy Security

Third EU Energy Package: Certain Key Issues from a Foreign Investor’s Perspective

South East Europe and the Third Energy Package - The Energy Community Approach