07-08-2019 C19-CEM-120-03 Implementing Consumer Rights of the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package Customers
24-Jul-2019 C18-LNG-37-03 How to Foster LNG Markets in Europe Gas
22-Jul-2019 C19-IRM-16-04 Implementing Technology that Benefits Consumers in the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package Customers
03-Jul-2019   Update on CEER-RAERESA Capacity Building International
Capacity Building
03-Jul-2019   Update on CEER-EBRD Capacity Building International
Capacity Building
25-Jun-2019 C18-CRM9_DS7-05-03 Report on Regulatory Aspects of Self-Consumption and Energy Communities Cross-Sectoral
14-Jun-2019  C18-LAC-02-08 Status Review on Implementation of TSO and DSO Unbundling Provisions Cross-Sectoral
16-Apr-2019 C18-MIT-79-04 CEER Note on Accepted Market Practices in the Energy Sector Cross-Sectoral
22-Mar-2019 C18-DS-46-08 New Services and DSO Involvement Cross-Sectoral
18-Jan-2019 C18-IRB-38-03 Report on Regulatory Frameworks for European Energy Networks Cross-Sectoral
9-Jan-2019 C18-WPDC-30-06 CEER Work Programme 2019 Work Programmes
9-Jan-2019 C18-BM-124-04 CEER's 3D Strategy (2019-2021) Cross-Sectoral
17-Dec-2018 C18-MRM-93-03 CEER Monitoring Report on the Performance of European Retail Markets in 2017 Customers
14-Dec-2018 C18-SD-63-03 CEER Status Review of Renewable Support Schemes in Europe for 2016 and 2017 Electricity
26-Oct-2018 C18-CS-44-03 Cybersecurity Report on Europe’s Electricity and Gas Sectors Cross-Sectoral
17-Oct-2018 C18-SOS-17-03 CEER Status Review on application of the Supply Standard foreseen in the Security of Supply Regulation Gas