CEER supports the capacity building of energy regulatory authorities within and outside of Europe.

Thanks to the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), CEER draws on its membership base to identify experts who can share good regulatory approaches with regulatory and government authorities to help them create efficient energy markets.

A second capacity building initiative, in the Eastern Africa, Southern Africa and Indian Ocean (EA-SE-IO) region, stems from a Memorandum of Understanding with the Regional Association of Energy Regulators for Eastern and Southern Africa (RAERESA).  Supported by the European Union's 11th European Development Fund, CEER offers access to its training academy and peer to peer capcity building assistance to RAERESA members.

What we do

Our capacity building work takes different forms from providing training courses, on-site workshops, technical assistance, peer reviews, the sharing of good practices and regional level cooperation through to helping regulators and government bodies improve their regulatory frameworks. 

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