Collaboration on key regulation issues

CEER catalyses collaboration among energy regulators and stakeholders on key regulatory issues. 

CEER champions the development of competitive and innovative markets in the public interest through robust, independent regulation. Through our expert working groups, national regulatory authorities (NRAs) cooperate and provide expertise and regulatory research on gas, electricity, customers and retail markets, and cross-sectoral issues.

Led by our current 2022-2025 Strategy focusing on effective regulation and energy markets that work in consumers’ interests, CEER builds strong relations and fosters dialogue with European energy stakeholders, seeking input in our annual work programmes and reports.

We cooperate closely with ACER and our respective work complements and strengthens one another’s roles.

CEER Public Consultations

CEER believes strongly in stakeholder engagement and the value of good public consultations.

CEER’s Public Consultation Guidelines adopt best practice standards. They guide our work by the principles of openness, transparency, consistency and accountability.

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