Capacity Building

CEER strengthens energy regulators capacities and expertise within and outside of Europe

CEER develops and shares best practices on energy regulation and supports energy regulators including through training and peer-to-peer collaboration with other sectoral regulators.

Training Academy

CEER is committed to supporting its members and observers in their daily work. We develop training courses with a view to building a full programme of training opportunities for energy regulators.

We concentrate on training in areas in which we have specialist experience and in which we can excel, addressing the needs of staff across the organisation. This means a focus on delivering high quality training on the practice of regulation and on job-related skills for regulatory staff. 

CEER’s training programme is built around three key features:

  • Practitioner method: Practical topics relating directly to energy regulation for on-the-job and professional development
  • Regulator centric: Designed and led by regulators for regulators, with exclusive access to leading experts in the energy sector
  • Collaborative atmosphere: built for optimal exchange of views and learning from peers in the regulatory community from across Europe and beyond


Regional capacity building

CEER provides technical assistance on legislative and regulatory framework in various regions, delivering training programs to support the clean energy transition, and enhancing the voice of European regulators on the global stage.

Our capacity building work takes different forms from providing training courses, on-site workshops, technical assistance, peer reviews, the sharing of good practices and regional level cooperation through to helping regulators and government bodies improve their regulatory frameworks.