CEER 2022-2025 Strategy Empowering Consumers for the Energy Transition

CEER President Annegret Groebel explains what’s behind the concept of CEER’s 2022-2025 strategy “Empowering Consumers for the Energy Transition”.

The basis of the CEER 2022-2025 Strategy Empowering Consumers for the Energy Transition is that European energy regulators, with a view to promoting the energy transition and contributing to a carbon-neutral society and economy, are committed to “empowering consumers for the energy transition”, by:

  • Enabling energy system integration: integrating renewables and incentivising innovation;
  • Placing consumers at the centre of energy markets with consumer-centric dynamic regulation, empowering consumers to actively contribute to and benefit from a flexible energy system; and
  • Ensuring open, well-functioning and resilient markets nationally and in Europe: delivering flexibility and new business models.

These three regulatory dimensions lead to six core areas for CEER to address its work:

  • Energy system integration
  • Sustainable and efficient infrastructure
  • Consumer-centric design
  • Decentralised and local energy
  • Well-functioning markets
  • Flexibility

Energy regulators are committed to empowering consumers to participate in the energy transition to thereby promote it and to enable energy system integration as a major building block to achieve the overarching targets of decarbonisation, climate neutrality, sustainability and efficiency as spelled out in the Green Deal and other initiatives of the European Commission.

The centrepiece of the CEER Strategy is the consumer centric dynamic regulation.
We incorporated the ASPIRE principles of the 2030 BEUC/CEER Vision into our Strategy placing the consumer at the centre of all regulatory activities. CEER will focus all our regulatory tools to enable energy system integration through pursuing an innovative and flexible whole system approach involving all actors whose roles will more and more converge in the changing environment.

More information

In April 2021, CEER consulted stakeholders on an earlier draft of the Strategy. and published its reaction in the form of the Evaluation of responses addressing the comments and proposals received. The final strategy was published in June 2021.