A well-functioning energy market across Europe where consumer interests are protected requires a strong emphasis on harmonisation across a variety of sectors. In this regard, CEER promotes the integration of electricity and gas markets to create a more efficient and flexible energy system which has consumers at its core.

Our efforts at harmonising regulatory frameworks, facilitating the transition to low-carbon technologies and protecting consumer rights work towards the overarching goal of creating a cohesive, efficient, and sustainable European energy market.

CEER aims to foster all possible synergies that leverage the full potential of Europe’s energy sector. From the concept of dynamic regulation to ensuring market integrity and transparency, CEER analyses current and upcoming cross-sectoral challenges and collaboration to drive regulatory market coherence.

Distribution systems

We analyse issues on the distribution level of the electricity and gas sectors, including flexibility, electromobility and its integration into the distribution grid, data exchange by Distribution System Operators (DSOs), cybersecurity, new and flexible connections, and quality of gas and electricity supply.

Market integrity and transparency

CEER addresses the issues of transparency and supervision of energy trading including the interrelationship of wholesale energy market legislation, relevant financial market legislation and the regulation on energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT).

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Dynamic regulation

Dynamic Regulation offers adaptability through tools like regulatory sandboxes, fostering innovation in tariff structures, price controls, and smart metering. By widening participation and piloting new approaches, we drive efficiency and innovation, ensuring regulatory frameworks remain responsive to change.

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Our experts

  • Veli-Pekka Saajo, Chair of the Distribution Systems Working Group
  • Judit Krajcsj, Vice Chair of the Distribution Systems Working Group
  • Frederic Marijsse, Vice Chair of the Distribution Systems Working Group
  • Michael Westermann, Co-Chair Energy Quality of Supply Workstream
  • Ognjen Radovic, Co-Chair of the Energy Quality of Supply Workstream
  • Øyvind Arntzen Toftegaard, Co-Chair of the Cybersecurity Workstream
  • Roman Picard, Co-Chair of the Cybersecurity Workstream