EU4Energy Annual Regional Visibility Campaign 2024

Regional Conference on Sustainable Heating and Energy Efficiency in the Eastern Partnership (EaP)

As part of the 2024 visibility actions of the EU4Energy Programme Phase II, the Regional Conference on Sustainable Heating and Energy Efficiency was organised in Tbilisi, Georgia on Ap4ril 15-16. The conference brought together representatives of energy stakeholders such as the EaP national energy regulatory authorities, relevant ministries and district heating authorities/companies. Officials from five EaP countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine) had the opportunity to meet with EU experts and exchange knowledge and experience in sustainable heating and energy efficiency. For this event, the EU4Energy collaborated with the Elizbar Eristavi Energy Training Centre under the Georgian National Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, GNERC.

Regional Training on Electricity Market Coupling

On 15-16 May in Lisbon, Portugal, CEER organised a two-day training on Electricity Market Coupling for energy sector representatives from the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Countries. 

In addition to providing a general overview, the training covered the benefits of market coupling and gave specific examples such as the Spanish-Portuguese Electricity Market (MIBEL). Experts from various international organisations, regulatory authorities and market operators shared their knowledge and experience with participants and discussed the role of market coupling in improving the performance of electricity markets.