International Cooperation

CEER fosters discussions on the promotion of best-in-class energy regulation with its international counterparts.

Through CEER, Europe’s national regulatory authorities of electricity and gas cooperate and share best practice with fellow regulators outside of Europe, including on issues such as climate change and affordability.

Our collaborative work is driven by regular dialogue and the sharing of our extensive experience to assist regulatory associations worldwide.

CEER is guided by its international strategy which focuses on three strategic objectives:

  • Welcoming and stimulating dialogue: CEER is committed to foster constructive dialogue with international partners, initiating new connections with energy regulators and consolidating established links.
  • Promoting high standards: CEER seeks to promote and uphold the highest standards of regulation for independent regulators across the globe.
  • Contributing to the energy transition: CEER is determined to play an active role in the global energy transition, aligning with the European Union’s external energy engagement.
For more, read the CEER International strategy

CEER champions women in energy on the global stage:

CEER is a proud partner of international initiatives that promote equality in the energy sector – including women occupying leadership positions.


Explore our international work


CEER cooperates with MEDREG and ECRB to facilitate sharing of best practices in energy regulation between regulators from Europe and the Mediterranean region, while promoting energy security across neighbouring regions.

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Eastern Partnership countries

In the framework of the Eastern Partnership, CEER and the European Commission have organised regular multi-lateral meetings and specialised workshops.

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United States

The EU-US Regulatory Roundtable is a long-established dialogue, initiated by CEER and NARUC and held every 12-18 months, to provide a platform for regulators from the USA and Europe exchange views and experiences on the common challenges they face.

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Latin America

ARIAE and CEER hold regulatory roundtables as a way of exchanging information on regulatory developments in Europe and in Latin-America.

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CEER is active member of the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER), a voluntary framework for cooperation between energy regulators from around the globe.

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RETA/The Accelerator offers a platform for collaboration between regulators to increase the pace of the clean energy transition and reach our common climate goals.

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World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER)

The World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER) is the main international conference on energy regulation and takes place every three years.

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UN Climate Change Conference (COP)

CEER participates in the annual Climate Change Conferences (COPs) through its members to highlight the role of energy regulators in the energy transition.

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