About RETA

The Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator – also known as RETA/The Accelerator – offers a platform for collaboration between regulators to increase the pace of the clean energy transition and reach our common climate goals.
RETA works directly with energy regulators in order to facilitate knowledge sharing, peer to peer learning and thought leadership on regulatory issues. It acts as a central resource for regulators to seek knowledge products and regulatory tools that can help mitigate the challenges regulators face when trying to regulate for the sustainable, affordable, and secure energy systems of the future. 

By enhancing exchanges and communicating best practices, RETA seeks to accelerate:


  • Flexible, renewable-based systems
  • Network Planning for wide scale electrification
  • Regional interconnection
  • Regulatory frameworks to deliver the energy transition
  • A fair and inclusive energy transition

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The Accelerator was launched in 2021 at COP26 by Ofgem, IEA, IRENA, RMI, RAP, Energy Innovation and the World Bank along with regulators from around the world.
While not a direct participant, CEER participates indirectly in RETA via its ICER membership and through the involvement of its own Members and Observers.