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 08 April 2021 


Today, CEER publishes a note on a “CEER Approach to More Dynamic Regulation”. One of the three elements of CEER’s current 3D Strategy is dynamic regulation for European solutions for adaptive regulation in a fast-changing world, and this note gives a brief introduction to some tools of dynamic regulation in use by CEER national regulatory authorities (NRAs).

The note asserts that there is a need to develop regulatory frameworks that balance the tension between achieving regulatory goals without discouraging innovation. In the energy sector, there is a need to have trials for innovative solutions for a future energy system which are, for instance, based on renewable energy, energy efficiency, decarbonisation and which are generally also highly digitised.  NRAs already rely on experimental regulatory tools to test and anticipate future evolutions such as 1) regulatory sandboxes, 2) pilot projects or 3) pilot regulations. Consumer involvement is also important to support innovation and most NRAs take into consideration consumer views through consultations, transparent discussions or even through dedicated task forces or consultation bodies. The note concludes with a table of national examples of regulatory sandboxes and regulatory experiments from seven countries.

Please read the full note here.




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