Update on CEER-EBRD Assignments

In 2017, CEER signed a framework contract with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to provide peer to peer assistance to energy regulators. This framework currently runs until October 2019.

CEER, drawing on its extensive pool of experts, completed three assignments in 2018, two more in Q1 2019 and another is expected to be completed by September 2019.

Azerbaijan Phase 1: February 2018

  • Diagnostic of the current status of regulatory functions in the energy sector in Azerbaijan
  • A team of three experts from Latvia, Holland and Austria presented European and relevant international experiences in establishing a model for national regulation agencies to policy makers in Azerbaijan.

Cyprus: September 2018

  • Review of trading and settlement rules for electricity markets in Cyprus
  • A team from Ireland and Greece reviewed the Trading and Settlement Rules and conclusions and a way forward were shared with the national regulator and market operator.

Azerbaijan Phase 2: November 2018

  • Capacity-building on unbundling and service quality
  • A team from Latvia and Ireland presented their experiences and as part of the assignment, developed a roadmap for unbundling to indicate what might be possible to achieve within a reasonable timeframe.

Uzbekistan: February 2019

Two assignments were planned in parallel on Unbundling and Affordability.

  • Unbundling: A team from Greece and Austria shared approaches to assist the key stakeholders to identify options for unbundling.
  • Affordability: A team from Germany and Austria developed a primer on affordability and the design of mitigation measures for vulnerable consumers’ protection.

Serbia: September 2019

  • Balancing costs arrangements for renewable energy producers
  • A team from Estonia and Italy are leading on an assignment on balancing costs arrangements for renewable energy producers.
  • The team will carry out desk research and develop case studies that will inform recommendations on:
    • - Market and regulatory conditions under which RES producers should become balancing responsible parties and
    • - How the Serbian authorities may improve the efficiency of balancing arrangements for renewable energy.
  • The assignment is expected to be completed in September 2019.