CEER Recommendations for the assessment of electricity generation adequacy
Ref: C14-ESS-33-04, 8 October 2014

This document provides recommendations for the further development of national generation adequacy assessments in order to achieve greater coordination and transparency across Europe, and is a first step towards establishing regional generation adequacy assessments. This document follows on from the publication of findings in March 2014.

CEER Memo on Development and Regulation of Electricity Storage Applications
Ref: C14-EQS-54-04, 21 July 2014

This short memo on “Development and Regulation of Storage Applications” summarises our initial work on this issue and our key findings on: the most prominent storage technologies by installed capacity; which market actors own the storage facility and what it is used for; and the legal framework for storage facilities and the main drivers of storage in the future.

CEER Advice on Ensuring Market and Regulatory Arrangements help deliver Demand-Side Flexibility
Ref: C14-SDE-44-03, 26 June 2014

This paper, together with its companion annexes and consultation document, sets out the background, definitions, opportunities and barriers associated with the emergence of demand-side flexibility (DSF). It concludes by offering a series of high level principles which regulators consider should govern how DSF operates as well as a number of short to medium term recommendations for regulators and other interested parties to take forward.
The Evaluation of Responses and other consultation documents can be found here.

CEER Report on the assessment of electricity generation adequacy in European countries
Ref: C13-ESS-23-03, 3 March 2014

This document provides an overview and key findings in relation to the current national assessments of generation adequacy.

CEER Status Review on Regulatory Approaches to Enabling Smart Grids Solutions
Ref: C13-EQS-57-04, 18 February 2014

This document seeks to provide an update the 2011 CEER Status Review of Regulatory Approaches to Smart Electricity Grids with an overview of the current regulatory approaches in 2013, by examining the definition of smart grids; regulatory challenges affecting smart grids, national implementation plans for smart grids; innovative solutions in electricity networks; cost benefit analysis for the demonstration and deployment of smart grids and potential performance indicators and incentive schemes.

CEER Benchmarking Report 5.1 on the Continuity of Electricity Supply
Ref: C13-EQS-57-03, 11 February 2014

This document seeks to update key data found in the more extensive 5th CEER Benchmarking Report published in 2012. CEER aims to provide such updates annually, in between the more detailed reports, in order to provide accurate and up to date data on a more regular basis.