ERGEG Guidelines of Good Practice on Electricity Balancing Market Integration
Ref.E05-ESO-06-08, 6 December 2006

These GGP constitute the ERGEG advice to the European Commission on electricity balancing market integration addressed in the Electricity Directive and in line with the Congestion Management Guidelines adopted in accordance with Article 8 of the Electricity Regulation on cross-border exchanges in electricity. Further advice to the European Commission will be provided after the development and consideration of the aspects on intra-day markets and automatically activated reserves. This work is foreseen in the ERGEG Work Programme for 2007/2008.

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ERGEG advice on Guidelines for Transmission Tarification - Application of G-charge across the EU
Ref. E06-CBT-12-04, 6 December 2006

In July 2005, ERGEG gave advice to the European Commission on Transmission Tarification Guidelines. The objective of these guidelines was, as a first step, to harmonise charges paid by generation (G charge) on the transmission network level. In principe, to ensure a level playing field for all generators, all voltage levels (and not only transmission voltage) should be covered by the Tarification Guidelines.

ERGEG's advice on the application of G-charge across the EU considers the need for widening the tariff harmonisation to the lower voltage levels. It is ERGEG's view that as a first step, harmonisation of G-charges attransmission voltage level should be applied. ERGEG continues to address the issue of tariff harmonisation in its 2007 Work Programme where more studies on transmission tariff structures and the need and ways of their further harmonisation are planned.

In its paper "Reporting to the European Commission on TSO charging structures and values of annual national G", also approved on 6 December 2006, ERGEG has defined the details for calculating and reporting of transmission tariff levels of the proposed Tarification Guidelines. Furthermore, ERGEG will prepare the first report on transmission charging structure and G-values during the first half of 2007 according to the proposed reporting structure.

Reporting to the European Commission on TSO charging structures and values of annual national G
E06-CBT-09-06, 6 December 2006

Compatibility of National Legal Conditions concerning Regulatory Competences
Ref. E06-REM-08-03, 6 December 2006

This report on the compatibility of electricity regulators' powers identifies the gaps between the reality and the desired set of competencies of regulators and makes recommendations on how to close these gaps.

Final Guidelines of Good Practice on Information Management and Transparency in Electricity Markets
Ref. E06-EMK-06-10, 2 August 2006

These GGP seek to establish a consistent approach to the provision of market related information to wholesale market participants - suppliers, generators, energy traders, large customers and demand side participants - across Member States. The GGP set out ERGEG’s views on the required level of transparency that shall at the minimum be in place across the European market. Moreover, they are intended to give a minimum set of rules required for the organisation of information and its dissemination across the European market. Finally, they define general principles governing information release, either through publication or through information released to market participants on request.

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CEER Survey of Capacity Support Mechanisms in the Energy Community
Ref. C06-SEE-15-06, 6 June 2006

CEER Tariffs Benchmarking Report in South East Europe
Ref. C06-SEE-15-04, 11 May 2006

Assessment of criteria for exempting new interconnectors, a CEER Position Paper
Ref. C05-EWG-22-04, 28 March 2006

The Creation of Regional Electricity Markets - An ERGEG Conclusions Paper
Ref.E05-ERF-03-06a, 8 February 2006

The ERGEG Conclusions Paper on the Creation of the Regional Electricity Markets (Electricity Road Map) forms the basis of the launch (on 27 February 2006) of a major EU-wide Electricity Regional Initiative (ERI) designed to identify and remove barriers to competition in 7 EU regions. This regulator-led initiative, which aims to involve all stakeholders including Member States, TSOs and industry, is a practical and achievable way of delivering step-wise progress towards a competitive single European market for electricity. See also Press Release (27 February 2006) and Fact Sheet on Electricity Regional Initatives.

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