Status Review of DSO Unbundling with Reference to GGP on Functional and Informational Unbundling for DSOs
Ref: E09-URB-20-05, 9 September 2009

In July 2008, ERGEG published Guidelines of Good Practice on Functional and Informational Unbundling for Distribution System Operators. The European Commission invited ERGEG to present to the 2nd meeting of the Citizens’ Energy Forum a status report on the degree of adherence to the guidelines on functional and informational unbundling for DSOs. The present status report reflects the situation of DSO unbundling in both electricity and gas on the basis of a questionnaire issued to national regulatory authorities.

Implementing the 3rd Package: next steps
Ref. C09-GA-52-06a, 18 June 2009
A European energy regulators review of key practical issues which need to be considered in view of the implementation of the European Union's third package of legislative measures concerning the internal energy market (hereafter "3rd Package").

Status Review of Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector
Ref. C09-SDE-10-03, 1 April 2009

This is the first review of sustainable development to be undertaken by CEER. The key objective of the report is to assess the progress that Europe has made in working towards the development of sustainable internal energy markets. Feedback on the report or on related issues is welcome and can be sent to brussels@ceer.eu.

Second Strategic Energy Review - CEER Response
Ref. C09-GA-49-07, 10 March 2009

European Energy Regulators very much welcome the European Commission's initial analysis and recommendations for improving energy security policy for Europe.