CEER publishes Report on Consumer Rights of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package

Third in the series of CEER reports related to the customer issues in the recast Electricity Directive, today, CEER publishes a collection of case studies on Implementing Consumer Rights of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package.

To shed light on the new concepts and obligations in the recast Electricity Directive, including preparing the necessary transposition measures, this CEER report describes case studies on national solutions already in place regarding the empowerment of consumer rights throughout the customer journey, as follows: 
 (1) Pre-contractual Information 
 (2) Energy contracts 
 (3) Billing and billing information 
 (4) Switching 

In this report, CEER presents a case study to illustrate the relevant consumer protection rules, with respect to information requirements, for energy customers in the Netherlands. Two case studies are also presented that describe Norwegian and Italian solutions for a standardised energy contract. Two other case studies illustrate billing related issues in the Netherlands and Sweden. Finally, the last two case studies address how to make switching a supplier easier for customers in Great Britain and France. 

Following CEER’s recent report/case studies on energy communities and self-consumption and a report/case studies on implementing technology that benefits consumers in the Clean Energy for All Europeans package, CEER hopes that this series of reports will contribute to a heightened awareness and understanding of the new provisions adopted in the Directive, with a view to facilitating their implementation and application by National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), policy-makers, market actors and consumers.



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