Women in Energy

Stories of Women Leaders in Energy: Mária Bronišová

In 1993, Ms Mária Bronišová embarked on her professional journey in the energy sector, initially working with French engineers at a nuclear power plant shortly after graduating from the University of Bratislava.

After two years, she transitioned to the gas sector, collaborating with French experts. Her focus involved conducting in-depth technical and financial studies in areas such as energy management, gas transmission, and underground gas storage systems.

Over approximately two decades, Ms Bronišová held various positions within the gas sector, including asset management, product trading, regulation, and energy efficiency, collectively contributing to her wealth of experience in the industry.

About four years ago, she decided to apply her knowledge and expertise to the Regulatory Office of Slovakia, where she became the Head of the International Relations and Market Monitoring department. Her work encompasses energy market integration, electrification, deployment of innovative solutions, and diversification of energy sources. She’s passionate about promoting innovation in the energy system, creating new products and opportunities for trade in the gas sector, and advocating for transparent and respectful management practices.

As a mother of two, Ms Bronišová strives to be a role model, guiding her children towards becoming well-rounded individuals with strong values and helping them grow personally and professionally.

Ms Bronišová believes that ethics, integrity, trust and independence are a set of moral principles and values that govern one's behaviour and decision-making. Ethics means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, and acting with honesty and fairness. Integrity is essential in guiding her actions, especially in situations where explicit rules may be lacking or conflicts arise. This moral compass helps her make correct and ethical choices.

Trust is also a crucial element for Ms Bronišová. It is the belief in the reliability, honesty, and competence of others. She firmly believes that without trust, achieving integrity becomes a huge challenge, as trust serves as the cornerstone of any productive relationship or endeavour. This bedrock of trust empowers her to collaborate effectively and pursue shared goals.

Moreover, independence, in her view, doesn't entail disregarding rules or principles, but having the autonomy to make decisions free from external influence. It is about being self-reliant and having the ability to convince others that proposed solutions are logical, based on reality, and align with her strong positions.

Overall, these values and principles guide Ms Bronišová in her pursuit of success and reaching her goals. She believes that purpose, discipline, and organisation in both personal and professional domains can foster conditions for achievement. Working with intelligent and diverse individuals has motivated and inspired her to constantly seek new perspectives and embrace new challenges.

Ms Bronišová's key message to women starting their careers in the energy sector is that it offers a wealth of opportunities for growth and the discovery of areas that genuinely pique one's interest. Both men and women can succeed and progress in their careers with the right professional skills. She emphasises the importance of continuous learning, developing new skills, and maintaining integrity, respect, and confidence. With strong motivation and interest in achieving goals, anything is possible.

Ms Bronišová encourages women to believe in their ability to achieve objectives, especially with a clear goal and self-confidence.