Women in Energy

Stories of Women Leaders in Energy: Ms Jana Haasová

In an industry historically dominated by men, women have slowly and steadily made their mark in the energy sector, challenging norms and driving innovation forward. Ms Jana Haasová's remarkable journey serves as an inspiration for young women seeking to advance their careers in the energy sector. Her passion for work, commitment to innovation, and belief in the power of diversity have enriched her career and propelled her to leadership positions.

Ms Haasová's adventure in the energy sector began over a decade ago. Currently, Ms Jana Haasová is responsible for overseeing the International Relations Department of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) of the Czech Republic. At the same time, she has held the position of CEER Vice President since November 2022.

When asked about her message for young women choosing their profession, Jana described the energy sector as an exciting space with a mixture of law, economics, and technical tasks. Her recommendations include embracing challenges as growth opportunities, stepping out of one's comfort zone, seeking mentors and role models for guidance, and acknowledging that workplace diversity fosters innovation and success.
For Jana, her most significant personal achievement lies in her family - her husband and two children. However, she is equally passionate about her professional accomplishments. Serving as CEER Vice President and leading her team at ERO has been a source of immense pride for Jana, as her expertise and dedication have contributed to advancing regulatory practices in the energy sector. Alongside her professional achievements, Jana is also passionate about sports, boasting notable achievements in running marathons, biking, alpine and cross-country skiing.

Reflecting on her journey, we asked Ms Haasová if she would change anything if given the opportunity to travel back in time. She firmly believes that failure and setbacks are valuable learning experiences that provide opportunities for growth and development. Rooted in this mindset, she encourages to view obstacles as stepping stones towards personal and professional growth.

Jana draws her inspiration from individuals who not only talk about making a difference but also take significant and positive actions. Surrounding herself with like-minded persons who believe in the power of action has shaped Jana's approach to her work and influenced her professional growth.

To foster greater engagement of women in the energy sector, Ms Haasová believes that creating supportive work environments with policies promoting work-life balance and inclusivity is crucial. Additionally, showcasing successful women already excelling in their careers as role models can help challenge stereotypes and encourage more women in the energy sector. By destigmatising women's presence in the sector and highlighting their achievements, the industry can continue its journey toward true gender equality.