Women in Energy

Stories of Women Leaders in Energy: Ms Liana Azizyan

With 13 years of dedicated experience at the PSRC, Liana Azizyan has become a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional in energy regulation. Her unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth has made her an invaluable asset to the Regulatory Commission.

Liana’s journey began in the field of journalism, providing her with a solid foundation for learning and professional growth. This experience deepened her understanding of the media industry. Later, she served as a university lecturer, allowing her not only to share her knowledge with the younger generation but also to foster her own professional development.

At the PSRC, she started in the Legal Department as an editor-in-chief. This role provided her with extensive insights into energy sector regulation and the importance of the Commission's work in ensuring fair and efficient services.

“My true passion has always been related to journalism, particularly in public relations (PR). I would like to quote Ronn Torossian, who describes PR as a blend of journalism, psychology, and lawyering. It is a dynamic and constantly developing field that I find fascinating.” – says Liana in her interview.

“Throughout my career, I have learned the importance of taking risks for growth. When I was given the opportunity to join the PSRC, I realised that I was changing my career trajectory by believing in myself and my potential. I am excited for the future and eager to advance further.”

Outside of her professional life, Liana is a dedicated mother. With her family’s support, she manages to balance her professional and personal commitments. “The energy I get from my family and friends fuels my motivation to excel in my profession. My inspiration comes from the people around me. I have learned a lot from my colleagues at the PSRC and their passion continues to inspire me.”

Liana values independence as a mindset and a feeling of stability and harmony. She places a strong emphasis on integrity, which she defines as the quality of being honest and truthful. Building trust through reliable relationships is paramount to her, and ethics serve as guiding principles that shape her decisions in both her personal and professional life.