Women in Energy

Stories of Women Leaders in Energy: Rana Humbatova

Ms Rana Humbatova holds the position as Head of the Hydrogen and Green Technology Department at Azerbaijan Renewable Energy Agency (AREA) under the Ministry of Energy. She personally and professionally advocates for the use of energy from renewable sources (RES) and is involved in the development of a regulatory framework to ensure the sustainable use of RES, as well as a decarbonisation strategy for the energy sector. Rana, throughout her 24-year professional journey, has always cared about climate change and has always supported the generation of energy from renewable energies. She is especially hopeful about hydrogen - “I believe that hydrogen will play an important role in decarbonisation and the energy transition around the world. It is vitally important to ensure the use of “green” technologies and hydrogen for the decarbonisation of the energy sector.”

Rana thinks that doing the things one loves and is interested in, as well as believing what she/he does, leads to success. Start asking yourself what you really want. Try to imagine the ideal professional position for yourself and make it your goal to arrive at that dream destination of yours. It’s easier to navigate throughout life when you know exactly the desires of your heart.  In my view, to create a future where everyone has access to affordable, zero-carbon energy, we need young professionals. According to the IRENA’s “Global Renewables Outlook: Energy transformation 2050”, the development of the local renewable energy industry has the potential to create jobs that can be filled by people of all genders and from all disciplines and backgrounds. However, I believe substantial improvements should be made initially to our education system to integrate science and engineering into one curriculum. This is crucial for the development of renewable energy not only in Azerbaijan but throughout the world. At AREA, we participate in capacity-building activities by working closely with student chapters from various universities and higher education institutions. We conduct introductory lectures and see the growing interest of young professionals, both men and women.”

In response to the question about her biggest personal and professional achievement and inspiration, Rana stresses the importance of teamwork and support coming from family and close surroundings – “Over the 24 years of my professional experience, I have learned one main thing - only teamwork can lead to real success, I want to thank all the colleagues who have worked with me all these years. The ability to manage even in the most stressful situation, is what I consider my main achievement. I find my personal and professional inspiration in my family and my friends, who have always supported me even in the most difficult periods of my life and career. And, of course, success stories of women worldwide. Never give up and always achieve the goal set, even if it seems unattainable, always follow new trends and try to keep up, and never rely only on the experience gained over the years, the most important is lifelong learning.”

When asked what she would have changed in the past if she had had a chance, Rana refuses to change anything – “I would not like to change or correct anything. I believe that everything that happens to us in the past leads us to new achievements, overcoming difficulties on our way is an experience that only makes us stronger and prepares the ground for success in the future.”