ACER-CEER webinar: evolving trends in the European gas market

ACER and CEER are organising a webinar to present the conclusions of its European gas market trends and price drivers report published on 24 October 2023.

What is it about?
The report seeks to offer a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the European gas market and the progress made towards achieving an integrated EU gas market.

In this year's report, ACER and CEER analyse the drivers that led to the unprecedented price rise in European gas markets in the summer of 2022. The report highlights how the market's response to the Russian supply shock is driving a restructuring of the EU gas market, with lasting implications.

At this online event, ACER and CEER will:

  • Present the main findings of its report, including recent market trends;
  • Exchange with relevant market stakeholders about the way markets are adjusting;
  • Address stakeholders’ questions.


ACER and CEER monitor and report annually on the EU markets of electricity and natural gas (the so-called Market Monitoring Reports (MMRs)). This ‘European gas market trends and price drivers’ report is one of the gas MMR series.

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