Brussels and online | Albert Borschette Conference Center | Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels | (Room D1)

CEER 2023 Customer Conference

Avenues for the Green and Digital Transition: Enabling energy consumers as agents and beneficiaries

As Europe continues to face a cost-of-living and energy crisis, engaging consumers for a successful transition towards a carbon-neutral, digitalised and just energy system becomes ever more pressing. At the peak of the crisis, energy regulators, consumer organisations, energy companies and other stakeholders rushed to ensure consumer protection, security of supply and continued commitment towards our climate goals. What were the lessons learned, and what features of our current market and policy design still need better adaptation to suit customers’ needs, while balancing those of the energy system as a whole? How were these measures implemented and how can they be fine-tuned?

For the 2023 Customer Conference, CEER aims to emphasise the voice of consumers in the analysis of the benefits and challenges of the dual green and digital transitions as well as lessons learned from the energy crisis. Bringing together the voice of consumer representatives and policymakers in debate-style discussions, this year’s conference aims to identify which were the most effective measures in combating energy poverty and informing consumers amidst the crisis. What were successful and less-successful aspects of awareness-raising campaigns, and where is there space for improvement? How must energy markets be tweaked for stronger crisis resilience? Where lies the role of consumers in enacting and benefitting from the green transition? What tools are they lacking and which barriers do consumers face for sustainable and affordable consumption? What is the role of clean technologies and technical and commercial frameworks in energy markets to better achieve these goals?

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