10:00 - 12:15

CEER webinar on DSO development plans and network planning

Distribution network development plans (D-NDPs) are currently prepared by Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and published in a few European countries, taking into account national provisions and the requirement in Article 25 of Directive 2009/72: when planning the development of the distribution network, energy efficiency/demand-side management measures or distributed generation that might supplant the need to upgrade or replace electricity capacity shall be considered by the distribution system operator.

The Clean Energy Package (CEP) introduces a systematic and wider application of D-NDPs, for all DSOs and with the possibility at national level to exclude DSOs with less than 100,000 connected customers. The plans will be subject to public consultation and to regulatory oversight by the national regulatory authority (NRA), which can request amendments to the draft D-NDPs.

According to Article 32(3) of Directive 2019/944, the development of a distribution system shall be based on a transparent network development plan that the DSO shall publish at least every two years and shall submit to the regulatory authority. The network development plan shall provide transparency on the medium and long-term flexibility services needed, and shall set out the planned investments for the next five-to-ten years, with particular emphasis on the main distribution infrastructure which is required in order to connect new generation capacity and new loads, including recharging points for electric vehicles. The network development plan shall also include the use of demand response, energy efficiency, energy storage facilities or other resources that the distribution system operator is to use as an alternative to system expansion.

The purpose of the webinar is twofold: to discuss the future developments of D-NDPs from the perspectives of NRAs and DSOs, and to facilitate further developments in the European countries where they already exist and their introduction in the remaining countries.