CEER publishes 2024 Work Programme

CEER publishes its Work Programme for 2024, which comprises 18 public work items consisting of three activities (conferences) and 15 deliverables (reports).

All work items are related to regulatory dimensions of CEER’s

“Empowering consumers for the energy transition” Strategy

for the period 2022-2025: energy system integration, consumer-centric dynamic regulation and well-functioning markets.

The 2024 Work Programme has been built in order to accurately reflect the events that are having a prolonged effect on the energy sector, such as the energy crisis in Europe which is still an ongoing concern. European energy regulators recognise the challenges these events continue to pose for regulation and reiterate their commitment to be part of the solution.

Consumers and retail markets remain an ongoing priority in 2024. A large part of the 2024 WP is dedicated to consumer protection and empowerment and to well-functioning and competitive retail markets with an emphasis on enabling consumers to engage more effectively in energy markets and energy regulatory issues.

Finally, the Evaluation of Responses document accompanies the CEER 2024 Work Programme and provides CEER’s reaction to stakeholders' comments on the public consultation issued in August last year. CEER thanks the various responding organisations for their input to the process.