Public Consultation

CEER Public Consultation on Regulatory Challenges for a Sustainable Gas Sector


This CEER public consultation sought to identify what energy regulation can do to foster the development of a sustainable gas sector. The goals were:
(1) to identify the regulatory challenges for an efficient transition of the gas sector towards a low-carbon energy demand scenario; and
(2) to identify enabling factors that the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) could apply to make this transition both possible and smooth.

With this public consultation document, CEER intended to collect information and opinions from all stakeholders on those challenges.


As part of the public consultation process, CEER organised a half day public workshop held on 30 April 2019 (12:30-16:30) at CEER premises in Brussels. Registrations and agenda are available here. The Bridge Beyond 2025 Conclusions Paper, which will be presented on 20 November at an event (also live-streamed) in Brussels.