Reference: E07-TRA-02-03b

Additional Transparency Monitoring Report

Following the publication of the Compliance with Transparency Requirements of Gas Regulation 1775/2005/EC - An ERGEG Monitoring Report, (E07-TRA-02-03), ERGEG has prepared the Additional Transparency Requirements – An ERGEG Monitoring Report(E07-TRA-02-03b) after a request by the European Commission to explain why compliance with the legally binding transparency provisions of the Gas Regulation were unsatisfactory. ERGEG’s additional monitoring confirms the findings of the first monitoring report and concludes that: (i) comprehensive and complete implementation of regulation 1775/2007/EC needs to be ensured by competent authorities in an effective manner; (ii) additional transparency requirements are needed to ensure fair TPA to LNG facilities, storage and interconnectors; (iii) Commission explanatory notes are not regarded as obligatory by most TSOs; (iv) current sanctions mechanisms are mostly ineffective. ERGEG’s 3rd Package paper 6 on Transparency (C07-SER-13-06-6-PD) proposed several amendments to the gas regulation 1775/2005/EC and made some recommendations beyond existing regulation on LNG, Storage and balancing.