Reference: E06-BAG-01-06

Blackout of 4 November 2006: ERGEG final report

ERGEG has submitted to Commissioner Piebalgs (6 February 2007) the ERGEG Final Report on the lessons to be learned from the large disturbance in European power supply on 4 November 2006. The ERGEG Interim Report was published on 20 December 2006. See also press releases of 6 February 2007 (PR-07-03), 20 December 2006 (PR-06-17), 13 December 2006 (PR-06-15) and 7 November 2006 (PR-06-11) and ERGEG's letter to Commissioner Piebalgs, which sets out ERGEG's initial views on the lessons to be learned - not just from this disturbance but also from earlier events.