Reference: C16-SDE-56-03

CEER Status Review on RES Support Schemes

The purpose of this CEER Status Review publication is to provide comparable data on RES support schemes in Europe, in order to provide information to policy-makers, regulators and market participants. The report includes information on the coverage and cost of the support schemes in Member States and on a weighted average basis across Europe, including support costs for 2015. While renewables bring benefits, regulators point out that RES support schemes, where needed, should be designed efficiently, and RES should integrate more into the wholesale market.
This document C16-SDE-56-03 forms the latest update to the regular CEER Status Review of Renewable Energy Support Schemes in Europe and builds on the previous CEER reports C10-SDE-19-04a, C12-SDE-33-03 and C14-SDE-44-03.