Reference: C11-GWG-82-03

CEER Vision for a European Gas Target Model. Conclusions Paper

Following a request from the 18th Madrid Forum, European energy regulators committed to produce a vision paper on a conceptual model for European gas markets (the “gas target model”). The conclusions build from regulators’ work to date (including on framework guidelines in specific areas) and extensive dialogue: feedback from four dedicated public workshops and one workshop discussing the view of academia; the outcome of the CEER call for evidence (5 November 2010 to 7 January 2011) and the CEER public consultation (5 July to 20 September 2011); and the discussions at the 19th and 20th Madrid Fora. The conclusions paper sets out the vision for the European Gas Market in 2014 and beyond. Furthermore, the paper proposes measures to achieve the goal of the Internal Energy Market by 2014 in line with the commitment of the European Council of 4 February 2011.