Reference: C18-BM-124-04

CEER’s 3D Strategy (2019-2021)

CEER has developed a 3-year, “3D” regulatory policy strategy for the period 2019-2021.
The 3 pillars of CEER’s “3D Strategy” are:

- Digitalisation in the consumer interest (D1);
- Decarbonisation at least cost (D2); and

Regulators primary concern is with the public interest. Hence, consumers are at the core of CEER’s 3D Strategy (and of our digitalisation focus therein).
The dynamic regulation element of our strategy is about regulation adapting to market developments and anticipating future requirements.

Our strategy provides a strong basis to build our future work. It is being delivered from 2019-2021 through our annual Work Programmes
CEER 2019 Work Programme – the first year of this 3-year strategy
CEER 2020 Work Programme
CEER 2021 Work Programme

Each annual CEER work programme clearly sets out the “D” (digitalisation; decarbonisation at least cost; and dynamic regulation) to which each work item contributes. CEER's 3D Strategy and Implementation of the Clean Energy Package are the 2 drivers of our 2019-2021 Work Programmes.

Our 3D Strategy was developed in consultation with stakeholders.

The values which frame CEER’s culture are: Cooperation; Evidence; Expertise; and Respect.

As of 2022, CEER will develop its work around the new strategy. The CEER 2022-2025 Strategy Empowering Consumers for the Energy Transition was published on 10 June 2021.