Reference: E07-EFG-25-03

Compliance with Electricity Regulation 1228/2003 and Congestion Management Guidelines – Criteria for Compliance

In preparation for its 2nd compliance monitoring report, ERGEG has prepared a detailed list of criteria to assist regulators in measuring compliance in the areas of inter-transmission system operator compensation (ITC) mechanism, transmission tarification (TT), congestion management (CM) and, within that scope, transparency and new interconnectors. This criteria document consists of tables containing the issues to be assessed, their interpretation and the related criteria regulators will use in assessing compliance. The criteria provide a checklist for each of the topics, and their fulfilment is the necessary condition for qualifying as being compliant. The criteria document will be used as a basis for the questionnaire for collecting the information from the ERGEG member regulatory authorities for the second compliance report, which will be prepared and presented at the next Florence Forum in autumn 2008.