Policy Paper
Reference: C08-GWG-42-03

EFET Proposal on Regional Independent System Operators (R_ISO) – CEER Response

EFET has proposed an approach where Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in a given gas regional market bring together cross-border network related activities into a Regional Independent System Operator (R_ISO).

The paper "EFET Proposal on Regional Independent System Operator (R_ISO) - A CEER Response Paper" [C08-GWG-42-03] is in line with the position adopted in the CEER Response to a Regional Independent Operator (RIO) proposal by EURELECTRIC [C07-GA-34-08]. CEER shares EFET’s consideration that the R_ISO model could be an important step to regional market integration; however it notes that:

  • The R_ISO model is an additional remedy rather than a replacement to effective unbundling
  • Effective unbundling is a precondition for R_ISO’s acceptability
  • The R_ISO model has not been defined in detail. Particularly with regard to legal/ jurisdictional issues, including cross border definition and identification of decision making authorities
  • EFET's proposal is largely concerned with institutional issues, whereas changes to underlying market rules will also be an important part towards fulfilling the proposal’s stated objectives