Reference: E07-GFG-22-14b

Secondary Markets – the way to deal with contractual congestion on interconnection points – an ERGEG Conclusions paper

ERGEG has prepared a Conclusions paper assessing the results of its public consultation on secondary markets (E07-GFG-22-14b). ERGEG received 16 responses out of which 14 were non-confidential and two confidential. The list of respondents showed a good mix of different market participants across all steps in the gas value chain. Findings of this paper show that stakeholders: (i) broadly agree that improvements in secondary markets mechanisms are both necessary and possible all over the EU; (ii) support the establishment of a central platform for anonymous trading with bundled products; and (iii) believe that improving primary capacity markets is a prerequisite for a well functioning secondary market. In light of these findings, ERGEG has concluded that improvements are needed in : (i) the design of and facilitation by TSOs of secondary markets; and (ii) the overall utilization rate of primary capacity rights and the amount of recycled capacity put in the market.