Jana Haasová


Jana Haasová

Since joining the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) in autumn 2015, Ms. Haasová was responsible for various international dossiers, strategy, innovations in the energy sector and first and foremost consumer protection issues.

Since January 2018, Ms. Haasová is in charge of the International Affairs Department at ERO. Jana joined the General of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) Customers and Retail Markets Working Group (CRM WG) in early 2016 and a year later the RMF TF (Retail Market Functioning Task Force), currently known as IRM WS (Innovation and Retail Markets Work Stream).

In February 2018, she became Co-Chair of IRM WS. During this period, she took part in drafting numerous reports, whitepapers and recommendations for EU energy community. Since early 2020, she is also representing ERO at the CEER General Assembly and ACER Board of Regulators. Jana co-chairs the CEER Customers and Retail Markets Working Group, and also co-chairs the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) Retail Working Group, established in 2021.

Prior to working at ERO, she held a position in Czech DSO, media and transport sectors. Ms. Haasová has a degree at the University of Economics in Prague in International trade and Business law.