Bundled Products

n recent years and across a growing number of sectors, consumers are increasingly purchasing so-called “bundled products” (also known as combined, optional or additional services, or cross-selling).

Businesses are marketing packages of combined goods and/or services within a sector, for example, broadband bundles  (e.g. internet+fixed telephone+TV+mobile  telephony services;  or dual fuel electricity +gas  supply +/or  district heating;  or electricity +electric  vehicle charging),or products bundled across multiple sectors (e.g.energy +home security +/or monitoring the elderly; banking +travel insurance; or other combinations).

CEER has developed a Guide for companies and regulators on Bundled Products, applicable across all sectors (not only energy). It includes 10 principles for companies offering bundled products and 3 principles for regulators.

This document is the result of an extensive public consultation, please see here.

Case Study – ERSE

The case study describes a situation involving a customer who had their energy supply disconnected due to non-payment for a maintenance service. This was counter to Portuguese law and the case study describes the response taken by Portuguese Regulator, ERSE.

Case Study – ACM

ACM (the Dutch multi-sectoral regulator) found, that the level of compliance with the provision of information to consumers was insufficient. Companies understood energy law but not general consumer law. ACM developed an approach that aligns general consumer protection rules with practices in the energy sector.