Reference: C12-RMF-46-05

Benchmarking Report on Meter Data Management – Case Studies

This document provides an overview of meter data management in nine countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Meter data management (MDM) concerns the collection and use of vast quantities of data, generally speaking the treatment, delivered by metering systems. The approach to this management is central to market functioning and is the subject of much debate, in particular as regards regulatory, functional and technical aspects. As smart meters are rolled out with additional functionalities and offering more data more frequently, the question of meter data management will become more and more important. In all countries included in this report, customer privacy and security aspects of the chosen meter data management model were given a high priority.

The report was presented at the 5th Citizens’ Energy Forum. To view the power point presentation on the Benchmarking Report on Meter Data Management - Case Studies, please click here