Reference: E07-CFG-15-03

ERGEG’s response to the EC’s public consultation “Towards a European Charter of the Rights of Energy Consumers”

ERGEG's response to the European Commission’s public consultation document "Towards a European Charter of the Rights of Energy Consumers", welcomes the Commission's initiative to address the need for effective consumer protection in the electricity and gas markets. It is imperative to focus on the legislative, technical and administrative structures that are needed in order to allow consumers to actively participate to the energy market. ERGEG supports the Commission’s initiative to present key goals in a short and comprehensible document. ERGEG believes the Charter should specify its aims, status and target group as well as provide basic information on electricity and gas markets for consumers. The ERGEG recommendations to the Charter seek to clarify and complement the scope and definition on the issues such as the protection of vulnerable customers, energy bills and supplier switching.